-Whats New With Dying Seed

-Life's a Song so Join the Band | Dying Seed

- The Banker
| Dying Seed Music Video

- New Music Video!
| Hello (Adele cover)

-New Single! Adele - Hello (Dark Synthpop cover)

-The System's Folding In - Dying Seed

-Anything Can Happen and Nothing Will

-Tame Enough to Have a Name
- Dying Seed

- Madness is The Key - Dying Seed Music video

- New Monobell song Featuring Dying Seed Vocals

-Keyboard/synth Performance of
Aretha Franklin's "Respect"  by Dying Seed Enjoy!

-Acoustic Performance of The Beatles "Dig A Pony"

-Acoustic Performance of
Otis Redding's

"I've Got Dreams To Remember"

by Dying Seed Enjoy!

-New Downward Summer Song and Music Video!

- Rooney's "I'm Shakin'" Live Music Video Cover!

-3 New Downward Summer Songs and Music Videos!!




- "Chocolate makes you happy" Xiu Xiu (Acoustic Version) performed by Dying Seed

- "Misty Blue" Dorothy Moore (Acoustic Version) performed by Dying Seed

- "Fall for your type" Jamie Foxx (Acoustic Version) performed by Dying Seed

- "Fame" David Bowie (Acoustic Version) performed by Dying Seed

-Early Release for The New Album "Madness is The Key" before it hits all the Big Sites!

Dying Seed: Madness Is the Key

-New Remixed Video Performances featuring several heads/tracks. All Vocals Versions of Popular songs

"Bad Blood" Taylor Swift

"Trap Queen" Fetty Wap

-New Music Video for "My Baby Don't Care For Me" from the Upcoming Madness is The Key album

-New Dying Seed and Trees Warwick Song and Music Video!

-Check out the New Dying Seed and Trees Warwick Website Here!

-New Song and Music Video for "Slipping Through My Fingers"

-New Song and Music Video 'Gone Before Their Prime'

-"Devil Bones" New Dying Seed

Song and Music Video!

-New song from Dying Seed and Trees Warwick "Those Good Ole Days". performed by Dying Seed and written by Teresa Warwick

-New Music Video for "Somewhere on Earth" from the new In The Abyss album

-New Music Video for "Change (Speak Out Of Love)" from the new In The Abyss album

-Acoustic Beatles Cover Video "I'm Only Sleeping"

-Listen free to the new track from Downward Summer "Seventeen"

-New song from Dying Seed and Trees Warwick "He Ain't No Superhero". performed by Dying Seed and written by Teresa Warwick. Music Video edited by Teresa Warwick!

-New Downward Summer song and video "Seventeen"

-New Music Video for "Mr. Karma"

-New Monobell track feat. Dying Seed "Distance"

-New Album Project in the works from Dying Seed and Trees Warwick!

-Project Bio

-Music Video for "Full steam Ahead"!

-Live Music Video for "Beyond Her Daughter's Eyes"!

Dying Seed: Full Steam Ahead

Dying Seed: Beyond Her Daughter

-Music Video "You Gotta Get Your Own Light"!

-New Album "In The Abyss" Finally Arrives!!

Dying Seed: In the Abyss

-New Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire EP!

Feat. The Vocal Talents of Elliot marx. Oscar Fuentes, Chelsea Ann Green and Dying Seed

-New Songs From Dying Seed

and Artist MC Eric B


-Another bullet in the chamber

-I Love you so much it hurts

-New single "Group Job" Lyric Music video

-New single "Totem Pole" Lyric Music Video

- New Song I worked on with Artist "Just Invisible"

-Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka Cover) As Performed by Dying Seed

-Little Shop Of Horrors Cover Video

New Music Video with Lyrics for "Oh, Bethany"

Dying Seed: Godzilla! In the Abyss

-New Single and Music Video Release for "When A Wish Was Fantastical"

Dying Seed: When a Wish Was Fantastical

-New "Other Worldly" Acoustic cover videos Feat. Artists such as Sia, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen , Smashing Pumpkins and More

-New track from Monobell Feat. Dying Seed "Over Analyze"

-New Single Release "In The Abyss" off of Dying Seed's Upcoming Album of the same name. You can Check Out the New music Video and Song Below!

Dying Seed: In the Abyss

-New Original Song! Live Acoustic performance Video

"Televised" by Dying Seed

-Check out the New Track 'Road of Many Turns' from Monobell Featuring  vocals by Dying Seed off of the Teenage World Project! CLICK HERE-LISTEN FOR FREE 


Dying Seed "In The Abyss"

-Acoustic Vocal Loop Cover Video of Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine"!

-A Cappella re-imaginings of the Coldplay's "Yellow",  Radiohead's "Creep",The Beatles "A Hard Days Night" and "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars

-The long awaited New Album Release from Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire "Taking Turns being Taciturn" has now arrived!Featuring Vocals from Dying Seed! Listen for Free now! or name any price to download!

-Oh! Darling The Beatles Acoustic Cover by Dying Seed

-New song by Jet Lightyear and Dying Seed!


-That's All Right - Elvis Presley Acoustic Cover by Dying Seed

-You've Really Got a Hold on Me - Smokey Robinson/The Beatles Acoustic Cover by Dying Seed

- Download the New Android Game "Chicks Rock" FOR FREE featuring a theme song by Dying Seed All in honor of the game makers Mother Please Donate to the cause of Fighting Ovarian Cancer Here 

-Check out My New Set of Acoustic Live Cover Videos Where I cover Favorite songs from These Great Artists!

A Great Big World   The Temptations

Dean Martin        Andrew Bird


-Free Download of The Killers "For Reasons Unknown" Acoustic Cover!!

-Check out My New Crazy Acoustic Music Video where I cover "Ana's Song" by Silverchair Enjoy!

-Check out My New Set of Acoustic Live Cover Videos Where I cover Favorite songs from These Great Artists!

Arcade Fire      Atlas Genius

Tegan and Sara         Silverchair

-Check out Dying Seed's Acoustic cover of Pitbull's "Timber" Now Available! 

-Check out Dying Seed's new project called Downward Summer! The new album "All Things Possible" has just dropped. You can stream the full LP now for free! 

-Here are a few examples of song projects I've worked on this past year on Fiverr. It's been an awesome year!just scroll down to see the videos

-Listen to the New Song From Jet Lightyear and Dying Seed(Under the name David Lipari) for free Now! It's called "This is a New Life" and it's full of blues and soul!


-Check out Dying Seed's Re-imagining of Imagine Dragons apocalyptic hit 'Radioactive' Now Available! 


-Dying Seed is appearing as a guest vocalist on the new "Gandalf's Fist" Album Due to be released Late September/Early October! It's Titled 'A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer'Click Here For All The Details and for a sneak preview of it's awesome sound! 


-Check out the new release from Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire "Spooky Action at a Distance" Featuring the single "(Had You Kept Your) Curse on Me" with vocals from Dying Seed!!!


-Check out the 4th track from Monobell Featuring  vocals by Dying Seed! This epic new song is called 'State The Obvious' off of the Teenage World Project! CLICK HERE-LISTEN FOR FREE 


- You can Now Listen to Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty and my entire catalog of Albums and Singles on Spotify for Free! Check out Dying Seed as well as all of your Favorite Artists by downloading Spotify Free Today! Or, if you already use Spotify search Dying Seed and check out the New Album Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty.

- Here is Another Song written by Jet Lightyear and performed by Me it's called "Life Will Pass You By" and You can stream it free on soundcloud!!!CLICK HERE!!!!!


- Check Out The New Music Video for "Fighting all the time"  The New Release by Dying Seed off of The New Album Starring Joss Whedon's "Scooby Gang" and Clive Barker's "Night Breed"! 

 - Check Out The New Music Video for "Fast love, Long dream"  The New Release by Dying Seed off of The New Album! 

- Check Out The New Music Video for "Flip-Flop"  The New Song by Dying Seed off of The New Album! 

- The New Album "Dying Seed's Inferior Beauty" is now ready to greet the world! It will have it's wide release on Tuesday July 30th But the album is now available exclusively on CD baby at a discounted (early release special) price. 
Click Here To Check it out before it's official release! 

Dying Seed: Dying Seed


- Check out 2 New Songs I performed written by the very talented Jet Lightyear(Under the Name David GindySeed). You can stream them for free on soundcloud. Links are below!



-Seize The Day 


 - New Music Video For "The Fire Breathing Song" off of Dying Seed's "Forever Tuesday" Album


-Check out the Newest song from Monobell Featuring  vocals by Dying Seed called 'She's Leaving'! The new song is the title track off of the Teenage World Project!  


- New Live Cover Video of Ray Charles 'Hit The Road Jack'!!!!    

 -Check out the Audio version Here!


-The New Album From 'Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire' Featuring Dying Seed is Finally Here!! It's called 'a minor but perilous triumph of being over nothingness' and You can DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE!!!!

-Click Here to Support The Facebook page There is much more content to be found HERE!(Including Music Videos for the tracks and all the updates you can handle!!)


- New Live Cover Video of Neon Tree's 'Animal'    

 -Check out the Audio version Here!


 - Check Out My New Fiverr Gig! I will compose The Music, Sing and Record a Jingle/Song with your Lyrics on Acoustic Guitar for $5 


- New Live Cover Video of George Harrison's 'I've Got My Mind Set On You'   

-Check out the Audio version Here!


 -Need A Vocalist For You Song? Dying Seed Will provide Male Vocals For Your track! 



- New Live Cover Videos of Great Songs as performed by Dying Seed


Otis Redding's 'That's How Strong My Love Is'

-Check out the Audio version Here!

Lou reed's 'Perfect Day'

-Check Out The Audio version Here


-New Cover of Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' as performed by Dying Seed now available for your consumption! 

Dying Seed: Suit & Tie


-New Cover of AWOLNATION's "Sail"

Now Available on itunes!! 


-Stream Skid Row(Downtown) Little Shop Of Horrors Cover For Free!! Performed by Dying Seed Available Exclusively on This Website!


-Check out the 2nd song from Monobell Featuring  vocals by Dying Seed. The new song is the title track off of the Teenage World Project!


- New Cover of AWOLNATION's"Sail"

Dying Seed: Sail

by Dying Seed 


-Check out the new song "Time will mend your heart" from MonoBell featuring Lead and background vocals by Dying Seed! It's an ongoing project called Teenage World.


-Dying Seed Covers Rihanna's 'Diamonds' in New Video!!!


Dying Seed: Diamonds


-Dying Seed Performs the original song "Reset"(New Music Video w/Lyrics) 


-New Music Video for "I'm Just A scientist Looking For Love" the new song off of "Forever Tuesday" Now Available to experience! 


-Dying Seed's New Album "Forever Tuesday" has Finally Arrived!! Click Here to Check it out on itunes Today!

Dying Seed: Forever Tuesday


-Check out Dying Seed's new cover of AwolNations's "Kill Your Heroes" at CDBaby!

Dying Seed: Kill Your Heroes


-Check Out Dying Seed's New Short Film "Black Bear Lodge" feat. New Songs and Musical Score from the artist.


-New Music video from the Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire project for "Freedom from the stars" Featuring the vocal styles of Dying Seed!!!


-Check out the amazing new album from Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire Featuring Guest Vocals by Dying Seed!

Download the entire Ep for FREE Here!

Stream The entire Ep for FREE Here! 


-Dying seed's New Album "Forever Tuesday" just  got a release date! October 16th 2012

Click Here to check out the new single

"I Just Want To Feel Good" 

Dying Seed: I Just Want to Feel Good


-7 new songs for your ipod now available 
for FREE at Dyingseed.com


-Download New Gotye Cover of "Somebody That I Used To Know"

Dying Seed: Somebody That I Used to Know


-Download Acoustic Eternal Flame Cover, Arcade Fire Cover  Only You Cover  Ben Folds Five Cover and Something I Can Never Have By NIN FOR FREE!!!



Feat. Nine Inch Nails, Ben Folds Five, Bobby Darin and Foo Fighters 


  -New Acoustic Live cover song videos just posted for fans of Dying Seed by Talking Heads, Pixies, and more!


 -Check out Dying Seed's other project! It's an eclectic mix of songs created by two artists using a wide range of experimental methods called "Everyone you see in the street" 








                  Some Underappreciated Movies

                          For You To Check Out 









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